A lovely Sunday in NYC

Sunday we had a day off in NY since the building is closed so Seth and I decided to go play in the city.  Started the day with this lovely view from our hotel window... you can see the Freedom Tower being built in the middle at the very back of the photo. Then we met my friend Jen and went to the Guggenheim to see the Maurizio Cattelan exhibit. Pretty dark and humorous stuff, totally interesting and I highly recommend it.
Then we went for a run/walk through Central Park where we got to make these GIANT bubbles...(the photo below is our demonstrator... the guy runnin the bubble show).

The morning of athletics was quickly ruined when we stopped for Pop Burger then headed to Brooklyn to wander around... including SmorgasBrewery at the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg. 

 We rounded out the day with a pop into one of my faves Artists and Fleas (where we had an unexpected participation in the filming of the web documentary Failure Club). Then onto a lovely dinner at the Two Door Tavern with Jess.

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