Mod Monday- Countess Mara

"Tell a man you like his necktie and you will see his personality unfold like a flower"- Countess Mara. I was a total newbie to Countess Mara neckties before this weekend. I attended the VintageJewelry and Clothing showin Grapevine over the weekend and saw some pretty amazing local vendors. I was pretty excited about a lot of them, but today for Mod Monday I am featuring Bess & Evie's Vintage Kalen old me all about the Countess Mara ties and although she started designing men's neckwear in the mid 30's the 50's designs are obviously pretty mod. I picked up that navy blue one with the carriage design and skyscrapers for Ben. Bess & Evie's also has those awesome cuffs made out of vintage teacups... So cool

1 comment:

  1. This is so fun! I just love that quote too...wish my guy would wear them more often. Alas, he is only comfy in golf tees (eww) and dry-fit clothing. Blahhh.


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