Some other rad booths at the Vintage Show

Vintage Junkys, these girls had a super fun booth to shop and had that 50's high waisted bikini they suggested I try on fit me, I totally woulda bought it. Something tells me these chicks with style are gonna find another one for me soon. Their Etsy shop is here.
Janet at Skip to my Lou was blowing my mind with her jewelry creations. Each piece is handmade by her from vintage pieces. Her merchandising on vintage photos was pretty cool too. On the back of each photo it tells the story of each item that went into the piece, plus a story about the photo... Art all around. Skip to my Lou isn't on the webs but you can call Janet at 903-825-3757
  Beads by Sandy was like a candy store for jewelry makers. Old keys.. Check. Colorful beads... Check. Bracelets with bugs in them? Check. Hilary and I both got bug bracelets and joked they were our "grown-up" friendship bracelets. Nothing says BFF like dead bugs captured in lucite.

 Nova at Collective Nest, had some really great items including some lovely vintage lingerie and get a load of that blue dress!! And her Etsy shop is open all the time. Vintage shopping at 2 am? Sure!
What do I do with my hands?! Oh, there. And the jumpsuit I never bought. But I did get that cutie citron 60's dress. Vintage Martini had the mother load of any vintage brand you have ever heard of including the Pucci dress none of us got. Oh well. Check out the Dallas Vintage Jewelry Show homepage for all the vendors. So worth it.


  1. That jumpsuit is hotness is on you!! I was hoping you bought it :-)


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