I might have a turquoise problem

I was so excited to order and receive my new little froggy cocktail ring from INpink. He's pretty awesome and I have gotten compliments all day on him. but when I put him in my jewelry box, I realized that I might have a turquoise ring problem... I mean there is NOT much diversity there. however, you buy what you like, right?
I guess my mom had a point when she bought me one of my all time favorite children's books, Sue Likes Blue.
And obviously this isn't the first time I had an affection to blue, as evidence from my house post here.


  1. I think I have the same problem. On SPD I was looking in my jewelry box for something green and all my jewelry that isn't grey, black, or white, is turquoise or yellow. Even my wedding ring!

  2. I have the same affliction. It just looks so good with pale skin and gray, which is me in a sentence.

    I forgot I have that gift card - checking them out again!

  3. omg, i still have my gift card sitting around....i think i might copy you and get the same ring. loveeeeee it.


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