Mod Thursday? Duh, it's Mad Men Mania around here

Yes, I realize I should be throwing back a martini as I catch myself up and get excited for the Mad Men premiere this Sunday. But come on, it's Thursday and I didn't have a bad day. So, as i sip my wine I have a few things digital and wait for it.... analog , for ya to get excited about the premiere on Sunday too. Newsweek had a pretty bad ass throwback edition this week. Ben picked one up at lunch today... you should too.
 This gallery of clothing from Mad Men Costume designer Janie Bryant. Amazing insight and a few sneak peeks for the season.

If you are in Dallas you can join us and a few mod friends at the Dallas Smoke 60's Mod Night tomorrow (Friday the 23rd). And dress as your fave character... just get ready to dance. That is what it's all about. but definitely friend their Facebook page even if you can't go.

And if you are really bored... you can play this interactive Mad Men game on YouTube... not gonna lie, it is fun.
We'll meet back here for a Mod Monday rehash of the premiere. ok?

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