Put a Pucci scarf on it.

A few weeks ago I picked up this super fun Pucci scarf (a la Braniff girl uniforms) from Zola's in the Bishop Arts district. The whole structure of the scarf is made so you can wear it a buncha different ways. As I was having a bad hair day, I channeled my inner Lauren (who gave me the courage to rock a head scarf) and went with it. Totally distracts from the crazy hair, huh?
Paired with Ralph Lauren Kelly green pumps, Gap Khakis, Zara green top and Target cardigan.


  1. Way to work the head scarf, lady! Loves it.

  2. Love these pictures and the entire look!!

  3. I totally have this scarf--my mom was a flight attendant for Braniff! I'm always trying to figure out how to wear it better. Thanks!

    1. Hi -- we're looking for ladies to submit stories for a book about Braniff hostesses from the sixties. I noticed you said your mom used to fly for Braniff back then (so did I) so I'm wondering if she'd like to contribute any stories for the book? Please ask her -- she can email me at:


      Or I'm on Facebook as: Lene Pederen Watson.

      Who knows, maybe we flew together - you never know. It's been a blast revisiting those days for this book....

      Thanks! Lene :)

  4. I totally have this scarf! My mom was a flight attendant for Braniff back in the 60s. I'm always looking for a better way to wear it--thanks!!


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