yes... i just spent 45 min perusing the jumpsuit section on ASOS

OK, so I am in High Point, NC and other than the fact that we get home a little later, and there is NOTHING to do here, I have been surfing the internet a LOT this week. I have caught up on all my shows via the internet, been on Pinterest non-stop, and tried to keep myself from buying too much online. Although I did score some pretty sweet kitchen utensils for $6 the other day on Fab.com.
While on my web journey, I started thinking about how during showroom set-ups and photoshoots, I pretty much have the same jeans t-shirt ensemble. I thought a jumpsuit/playsuit would be a fun alternative. Plus totally functional, you can move around and climb ladders and lift stuff cause of the pants/shorts aspect AND still be cute like a dress. Genius.
Above are my top picks... opinions?
all from ASOS

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