Ride Colorfully with Pinterest and Kate Spade Vespa-- I want that!!

A couple weeks ago, I entered the Kate Spade #RideColorfully contest that they were holding on Pinterest. I want that Blue Florence Broadhurst Vespa like nobody's business. I have been bidding on eBay for a blue Vespa since I was 16, (hoping that I never win cause I didn't actually have the money). Nonne the less, you can see how far back my lust reaches. I have searched the Kate Spade page looking to see if there has been any winners announced to no avail. So.... if you lost my contact info, here I am... waiting to claim my blue Vespa!!
I had a lot of fun putting my board together, I tried to pin a few things to keep it local in Dallas. These are the places that I would actually ride my fancy Vespa to. Calatrava Bridge, Bishop Arts, Deep Ellum and White Rock Lake. 

And the other pins are ones that I would DREAM about riding my Vespa to. Including, Seguaro in Palm Springs, The Standard in NYBrooklyn, NY (Williamsburg is totally Vespa friendly!) and the Neon Boneyard in Vegas (cause cab rides are expensive as hell). My picks were mostly in the US, except for a couple Pins I did in Copenhagen, Denmark and Manchester, UK. Both very ride-able cities that I would always love to go back to.

What are your suggestions for Vespa friendly places?

**I have linked all photos back to their original sources above. I love Pinterest but realize it is vital that we always credit back to the originals!!**

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