Mod Monday- Moonrise Kingdom

B and I went on a dinner and movie date Friday and saw Moonrise Kingdom. I loved it. Wes Anderson is one of my favorites (my freshman college roomie and I used to fall asleep to The Royal Tennenbaums 60% of the time). The whole movie was muted in that fantastical 60's era coloration. Anderson's Mise-en-scène is pretty brilliant, you could pause the movie at any given point and you would have a hang-able work of art. We noticed many of the scenes were very symmetrical, but I think that is just Anderson's style.
Alternative Movie poster snagged from HERE
I like to think that Suzy and Sam were what Ben and I were when we were little. Suzy with her books and records, and Sam with his mad outdoor skillz. I could just see little Ben on his canoe navigating through the woods. I am seeing a very potential Halloween costume in the works and Lox Papers has put together the perfect board so I can shop for Suzy. Anyone know where to get a Khaki Scout uniform for Ben?

Its a perfect movie to get you in the summer mood. I highly recommend this film. I will definitely see it again.

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  1. I want to see this and Intouchables! I think I shall spend Saturday afternoon at the Angelika :)

    P.S. You used to be able to get boy/girl scout uniforms at jcpenney and Sears, but I'm not sure they still carry them. I haven't needed one since 1993.


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