2 months... 15 cities and counting

Hi friends, as you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been blogging. Instead, I have been on a crazy round the world trip for my job. And it's not over yet!
As I sit here in the Venice airport on my way to Portugal I thought I would send out a quick note inviting you to catch up and follow me over on Instagram!
Most of the time I only have a second to post a quick pic and thought. So my tool of choices with all the travel is Instagram.

Pop by and say hello:


Horn & Ivory- a new classy Etsy shop

I stumbled upon this super classy Etsy shop today and had to share. at Horn & Ivory the pillows are all handmade and designed with exclusive fabric. My favorite is the hand-painted striped pillow cover. Hand-painted? seriously, awesome. But I am especially loving the 24" square paintings. The colorway and modern motif, has me sold!!


Dance Party Friday- France Gall

Because I am channeling France Gall today, with my hair in my skinny jeans and ballet flats. And because I love her. That's all. Happy Friday!!


Oh, Hey! How's your summer been?

 Mine has been pure awesomeness. My blog, however, has suffered. But you already may have noticed. So back to my awesome summer, since I don't like to dwell on the negative. Here is what I have done in a nutshell: 
  1. Traveled the entire month of July (except 3 days) but got to enjoy seriously mouthwatering in-season Georgia peaches. 
  2. Went to an Atlanta Braves game, and to the Aquarium (not pictured)
  3. Bachlorette party in Myrtle Beach, SC
  4. Set up 3 showrooms: Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas
  5. Gazed at Las Vegas architecture, wild huh?
  6. Went to Le Reve- amazing!
  7. Did a little vintage shopping
  8. Zip Lined down Fremont street in LV
  9. Attended a Moroccan pool party thrown by a very talented host (and friend) Carlos Cardoza
  10. popped over to the Rue Magazine Texas launch party (the whole issue is Texas!) and has lots of my favorite Dallas girls featured. :)
  11. oh.... and watched as much Olympics as I could!
And summer isn't even over yet!!! I have a few more things up my sleeve, and a big announcement. .


Mod Monday- Betties and Dons

I met this cutie couple at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market 2 weekends ago. I LOVED the collection of dresses. and Although i tried on the most fun yellow Lilly dress, I didn't take it home because it was a wee bit too small. They had a pretty great selection of men's shirts too! You can keep up with them on their Facebook page, to see where they pop up next!!


Happy weekend!

I'm very excited that we are off to the races for a birthday party tomorrow. What are you doing? whatever it may be... I hope it is splendid!!

**photo/drawing credit from "horse-centric" collection HERE**


Dance Party Friday- a lil late... I mean its never to late for a dance party!!

Because its so damn catchy... and its the Roots... and Jimmy Fallon. what the what? awesome. Happy Friday!!!


Mod Monday- Vidal Sassoon on the watch list

I spotted the trailer for this movie over HERE. They did a pretty awesome synopsis and made me want to get a super mod haircut via Vidal Sasson.
Have you seen the movie? Did you like it?


A few things I would buy today if I had an extra $2000

OK, let me start off this post with a disclaimer that if I had an extra $2000 I would probably not buy all of these things... I would pay off a couple bills then put the rest in the wedding fund. This is more of a "loving list" and swoon-worthy objects. Disclaimer aside, here we go:
1. Prada Baroque sunglasses, I saw these in People magazine a few weeks ago and even went into the Prada store in NYC and tried them on (they looked fabulous on me, just sayin') I am seriously in love with them. But I lose things....
2. Trina Turk Graciella dress, I stalk the Trina Turk website about 4 times a week, but have never had an extra few hundred laying around to buy one of these fabulous dresses. Lucky for me, Banana Republic has just launched a capsule collection, but go fast cause since this morning there are already things they are sold out of. Including a fab pair of orange shorts I was gonna buy tonight... GONE. blast.
3. A Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), preferably one built for water yoga. Ben and I went out last weekend on White Rock Lake, I rented the SUP and Ben the kayak. It was seriously so much fun that I came home and started googling prices for SUPs. Then I found out you can do water yoga (what?!?! awesome) and I became even more obsessed. Seriously obsessed. If anyone has a used board they are willing to sell me, let me know. Otherwise I'm holding out for that extra $2000.


Style Post- rockin the Lionette jewels

Last Thursday I picked up those fun earrings and necklace from Vanessa at Lionette. There were some other super fabulous jewels that I wish I had taken home with me but I think I chose nicely. The photos on the site are great but i think all the jewelry is extra special in person. I paired them with my new favorite skirt from Target (I wore it 3 times last week) and an American Apparel tank, purple to set off the green, it was a super comfy date night outfit.


Mod Monday- Moonrise Kingdom

B and I went on a dinner and movie date Friday and saw Moonrise Kingdom. I loved it. Wes Anderson is one of my favorites (my freshman college roomie and I used to fall asleep to The Royal Tennenbaums 60% of the time). The whole movie was muted in that fantastical 60's era coloration. Anderson's Mise-en-scène is pretty brilliant, you could pause the movie at any given point and you would have a hang-able work of art. We noticed many of the scenes were very symmetrical, but I think that is just Anderson's style.
Alternative Movie poster snagged from HERE
I like to think that Suzy and Sam were what Ben and I were when we were little. Suzy with her books and records, and Sam with his mad outdoor skillz. I could just see little Ben on his canoe navigating through the woods. I am seeing a very potential Halloween costume in the works and Lox Papers has put together the perfect board so I can shop for Suzy. Anyone know where to get a Khaki Scout uniform for Ben?

Its a perfect movie to get you in the summer mood. I highly recommend this film. I will definitely see it again.


Book Report & Summer Reading

I have gotten a lot of reading in lately, some are time passers (entertaining but not ground breaking) and a couple really inspiring ones. Here's the breakdown:
  • Trouble in Mudbug-  A pretty cute murder mystery and it was on the Kindle Free list!! I found this Listmania on Amazon that has more cheap murder mysteries
  • The Fifty Shades Trilogy- yes.. I went there... and read ALL THREE in a week. it kinda consumed me in a Harry Potter/ Twilight kinda way. Only raunchier and more adult (duh.) I think that they totally coulda wrapped up the whole thing in 1 book if they took out all the unneccessary sex scenes. haha. 
  • Imagine: How Creativity Works- This book was pretty amazing. And my redeeming book for the before mentioned trilogy. It was engaging and thoughtful and I highly recommend it.
  • The Cat Manual- If you have a 2 hour flight and you wanna get through an entire book, this is the perfect time waster. Its cute... but only to a cat owner. It is written by a cat, for a cat. 
  • Untold Story- This is about what "would have" happened if Princess Diana's murder was all a rouse. It is pretty entertaining and an interesting look into psyche. 
  • The Magicians and The Magician King- As far as novels go, these two were my favorite that I have read in the last few months. But I love a good fantasy, mystery element to my books. And these deliver.\
 I went back to my summer reading list from last year, and it seems as though I only finished a few. I did purchase these 2 books yesterday on Amazon:
Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook

American Grown
I also have a list from Facebook that people have recommended:
  • Neva Warnock-well, just random great reads: Killer Angels, 1632, the Beekeeper's Apprentice, Songlines 
  • Whitney Ashton-Swanson Great murder mystery called Perfume. About a killer who picks his victims by their sent. Giving me chills right now. 
  • Kara Brock Schectman-Divergent  
  • Erin Grubbs- I love the Wideacre trilogy from Phillippa Gregory, very saucy for historical fiction 
  • Crystal Ashley-  Devil in the White City. It's About the making of the 1893 worlds fair in Chicago following the architects struggles to complete AND follows a serial killer during the same time. It's non-fiction and pretty interesting. It bounces between both stories every couple chapters
  • Maggie Quinn-I'm reading Indomitable Will about LBJ and loving it! I second Devil in the White City, but Erik Larson's newer book In the Garden of the Beasts (about Americans living in Germany during Hitler's rise to power) is NOT good. The Glass Castle is a favorite. 
  • Adam Huckel- Touching From a Distance. 
**If i didn't put your recommendation on her, It's because I already read it... but THANK YOU!!** 
Any other good ones we need to know about??


Being a tourist in your own town:: staycation!!

I travel alot for work and it is really nice to stay in Dallas and enjoy every once in a while. It's easier to do when you are trying to show some super awesome college friends what Dallas is made of!
Our friends CJ and Wes came Into town and we had an awesome time, i hope they did. The itinerary consisted of a trip to Chicken Scratch/ the Foundey, drinks at The Belmont, a sculpture tour of Deep Ellum and Pioneer's Plaza, real longhorns at Fuel City (and tacos... Duh), more tacos at Good to Go, a wedding at the Nasher, and to round off the trip... an afternoon at the FOE and a proper Ben/erin dinner party.
So what do you think.... What did we leave out for next time?

Clearly I was just trying to pretend I was on my before mentioned Vespa, as the same photos I took were similar to the ones I wanted in my Pinterest board. A Honda Fit is kinda like a Vespa... Right?!


This week via Instagram

Last weekend we went down to Hico for the steak festival, then Monday-Thursday I was in NYC for several things including Blogfest, ICFF, Surtex and a couple other things. We did get to pop in over at the Met and saw Cloud City on the roof. So cool go see it if you are in town but it's only open on sunny days. Then last night a couple college friend came into town and I got some photos of the new Calvatrava bridge. Have a fab long weekend!!


Style post- a Thrift-up find

A while ago, me and some Twitter friends did a little Thrift-up (tweet-up combined with a thrifting outing). The Indian maxi skirt, was a score from the last East Dallas edition that we did. It comes with a jazzy matching top that it is a little too small, but would make a really fun dress given the right occasion. I just paired it with a black T-shirt, black platforms and THIS necklace that everyone keeps asking me about. I have the necklace  on today too as I set out to go explore NYC (mainly ICFF and Surtex).
If you are interested... you can follow my NY trip on Instagram this week.
Here is another clearer photo of the WineDown event at the Palomar that I wore the outfit to:
I also wanted to brag a little that I met Anthony Williams from Project Runway. :) I am with Metsy and Tonia.
And yes... Anthony's glasses were awesome and flocked. I touched them.


Ride Colorfully with Pinterest and Kate Spade Vespa-- I want that!!

A couple weeks ago, I entered the Kate Spade #RideColorfully contest that they were holding on Pinterest. I want that Blue Florence Broadhurst Vespa like nobody's business. I have been bidding on eBay for a blue Vespa since I was 16, (hoping that I never win cause I didn't actually have the money). Nonne the less, you can see how far back my lust reaches. I have searched the Kate Spade page looking to see if there has been any winners announced to no avail. So.... if you lost my contact info, here I am... waiting to claim my blue Vespa!!
I had a lot of fun putting my board together, I tried to pin a few things to keep it local in Dallas. These are the places that I would actually ride my fancy Vespa to. Calatrava Bridge, Bishop Arts, Deep Ellum and White Rock Lake. 

And the other pins are ones that I would DREAM about riding my Vespa to. Including, Seguaro in Palm Springs, The Standard in NYBrooklyn, NY (Williamsburg is totally Vespa friendly!) and the Neon Boneyard in Vegas (cause cab rides are expensive as hell). My picks were mostly in the US, except for a couple Pins I did in Copenhagen, Denmark and Manchester, UK. Both very ride-able cities that I would always love to go back to.

What are your suggestions for Vespa friendly places?

**I have linked all photos back to their original sources above. I love Pinterest but realize it is vital that we always credit back to the originals!!**


Wellness Winedown at the Hotel Palomar

Hey Dallas Friends, what are you doing Thursday evening? I have a fun idea that will benefit charity (Attitudes and Attire) and you! Details are all above. Be sure to RSVP: BEVERLY.ENSSLEN@HOTELPALOMAR.COM

Hope to see you there!


Mod Monday- Marilyn on the movie Que

Have you been watching SMASH on NBC? Well I have! And I am really looking forward to tonight's episode where it all comes to a culmination. Karen or Ivy? In the meantime, to educate myself on the Bombshell,  my Netflix Que has started to collect many a Marilyn movies. Which one is your favorite?


Dance Party Friday- Mama's Pick

In honor of Mother's day this weekend, I asked my Mom what her favorite song is. She told me that right now King Floyd- Groove Me is one of her favorites 'cause she can Hula Hoop to it. Yea... She's a badass that Sharon Davis. I am sooo lucky to have such an awesome Mom like her.
Have a great weekend friends and go Groove with your mamas.


In need of a little motivation

I have an ongoing board on Pinterest that is full of quotes, people and motivation that inspire me. If I have a down day or need to put a little pep in my step I just pull up that board. The above ones are in the current reminder.motivation list.
What gets you going? Do you have a similar Pinterest board? Leave me a link!
The above quote art are from here, here, here and here.


Mod Monday- Twiggy!

Last week, Ben and I were talking, I mentioned how fabulous this girl's "Twiggy" lashes were (we were people watching). Ben's response: "Twiggy?"
I was shocked and appalled. Then we asked 2 more of our friends if they knew who she was. Both no. Mortified and saved by my girlfriend who joined the conversation, she did know Twiggy, we took the experiment to Facebook. Only to be disappointed again. So tonight I find myself browsing Twiggy image search on Google, then to http://www.twiggylawson.co.uk/ for a big dose of Twiggy.

So tell me friends, you know who Twiggy is... Right?! If not, please educate yourself. :)


Dance Party Friday- Ain't no Mountain High Enough

Happy weekend!! It has been a long productive week. I am ready for a Mint Julep, a margarita and a craw-fish broil. This song is totally unrelated, but kinda my theme for the week. Hope you enjoy.
oh, and Congratulations to our Actifirm winner Cindy!!

Mint Battle and other outdoor musings

The weather in Dallas is perfect right now. B and I have had many a outdoor meals this week. Our (and by our, I mean Ben's) garden is growing like mad, producing all sorts of edible goodies. The back planter is reserved for my Mint Battle. Above is a photo... stay tuned for the YouTube update this weekend.
Here are a few other shots of our outdoor buddies:


Giveaway!! Actifirm Discovery Kit, perfect traveling companion [closed]

My good friend Sandra (Director of Interactive Marketing at Actifirm) Has introduced me to some pretty amazing skincare. And now its your turn! Actifirm is letting me giveaway a Discovery Kit, my favorite item (aside from the mushroom mask, which you should totally tryout). It is perfect for all the traveling that I do, and also perfect for you to tryout some of the awesome items in a smaller version! It was a serious lifesaver on my last 3 week trip to NC for furniture market.

So, what do YOU need to do to win? Well, there are three ways. You get an extra entry for each option:
  1. Leave me a comment here on where you would travel with your Discovery Kit, maybe an exotic island?
  2. Tweet @Actifirm where you would travel with your Discovery Kit (cc: @erinkay83)
  3. Post on Actifirm's FB wall where you would travel with your Discovery Kit
I will draw a winner on Friday May 4. Good Luck!


Mod Monday- retro swimsuits

Swimsuit HEAVEN when I found Fables by Barrie on Etsy. Literally 4 pages of amazing handmade retro swimsuits. I got the one above (it is a combo I put together cause pieces are sold separately). Having used it over the weekend, I can attest to the exquisite fit and how well it is made. I can't wait to wear it all hot Texas summer. Plus the high waist makes me feel less self conscious. Brilliant!
What are your favorite styles this summer?


Dance Party Friday- Whitney

We have had an abundant amount of Whitney playing on our showroom iPod and I have to say I forgot how amazing this song is, makes me wanna dance! So, bring on the weekend... and High Point Market.
I hope you fee like a Million Dollar Bill. Happy Friday!


Hula mania

My mom, My cousin, and This girl on Hello Giggles are all hoopin' their way to a better bod. Clearly I need to get out in my backyard and use mine more often. Or maybe this hoop would fit my traveling lifestyle a little better.
We did see some amazing hoppers at the Arts Factory last time we were in Vegas.

Are you in? What's your hula opinion?

Photo montage by my lovely friend Sandra.


Put a Pucci scarf on it.

A few weeks ago I picked up this super fun Pucci scarf (a la Braniff girl uniforms) from Zola's in the Bishop Arts district. The whole structure of the scarf is made so you can wear it a buncha different ways. As I was having a bad hair day, I channeled my inner Lauren (who gave me the courage to rock a head scarf) and went with it. Totally distracts from the crazy hair, huh?
Paired with Ralph Lauren Kelly green pumps, Gap Khakis, Zara green top and Target cardigan.


Mod Monday-ModFire

My friend Gregg gave me some literature on the Modfire that he and his partner Eric picked up at Modernism week in Palm Springs. He knew it would be right up my alley and he was right! That thing is pretty awesome. There are a few different sizes but I would LOVE to have the bonfire version (the largest). I think it would fit in Perfect with our Cliff May backyard. Don't you agree?!
Is there a way I can put this on our wedding registry? Otherwise I am savin' up for this baby. So cool.


yes... i just spent 45 min perusing the jumpsuit section on ASOS

OK, so I am in High Point, NC and other than the fact that we get home a little later, and there is NOTHING to do here, I have been surfing the internet a LOT this week. I have caught up on all my shows via the internet, been on Pinterest non-stop, and tried to keep myself from buying too much online. Although I did score some pretty sweet kitchen utensils for $6 the other day on Fab.com.
While on my web journey, I started thinking about how during showroom set-ups and photoshoots, I pretty much have the same jeans t-shirt ensemble. I thought a jumpsuit/playsuit would be a fun alternative. Plus totally functional, you can move around and climb ladders and lift stuff cause of the pants/shorts aspect AND still be cute like a dress. Genius.
Above are my top picks... opinions?
all from ASOS


Grey Gardens Party/movie Screening at Texas Theatre this weekend!

I really wish I were in Dallas this weekend so that I could go to this PARTY!! I have seen both Grey Gardens documentaries and the Broadway Musical. Needless to say, I find these ladies fascinating. But, since I can't go, you should don your finest nightgown as a hat and head over to the Texas Theatre on Saturday and enjoy the party for me. PLUS, they are having a themed dance party after!! Send me photos, cause I am super jealous and want to live vicariously through you!! 


Dance Party Friday- Yelle

I have been jammin to this song during my workouts this week. I have NO IDEA what they are saying but it's got a fun beat. Happy Friday Y'All, have a good weekend. And thanks to my brother Brandon for introducing me to this music group!!


If you need a Holiday...

Once upon a time, 2 girls graduated college with no jobs and the whole world in front of them. What better way to start their new life then a road trip across the United States? With the Honda packed and newly acquired stick-shift driving skills (for one of them), they set off from NC to CA and a lotta places in between.
I could continue to tell you the entire story, but you would need some time and a few cocktails.
The two girls were myself and my bestie/college roommate/ partner in crime Amanda. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and started my overall journey to Texas (that's another story) on that trip.
What does this all have to do with the photo above you ask? Well, we took A LOT of photos on that trip, but the Holiday Motel photo above was my favorite. Amanda was driving us out of Las Vegas and I snapped this one out the window. I have always wanted to blow it up big, and since I snagged a deal on Daily Candy recently I was able to.
What better place to put it than our guest room? So that's where it now lives. Anytime I need a holiday or a trip down memory lane, I can go gaze. Won't you come join me?

On another note, I picked up that rocking giant S at Junkadoodle last weekend. Pretty sure it's gonna make an appearance at our wedding.


Mod Monday- Tips for buying vintage clothing

I am pretty comfortable buying a antique/vintage piece of furniture. I got the mad skills/tips/insight handed down to me from generations of women in my family. My aunt is an antique dealer after all. But one thing I have never felt terribly comfortable buying is clothing. Don't get me wrong, I can pick out a gem, but sometimes I am a little rushed and can't try something on so I hold it up, and go "yea, I'm that size" then I get it home and WRONG, it is not the right size.
That is where my friend Angelica comes in (that's her up there in the vintage Pucci, jealous?). She is a master at buying vintage clothing and the last couple outings I have gone on with her, she has taught me some tremendous tips. So I asked Angelica to pass this knowledge on to you.

Without further ado... Angelica's tips:

Vintage shopping can be quite an ordeal for some of us. How many times have we vintage fashionistas uttered the phrase, "That would never fit me...women were just much smaller back then!" Well, women back then used cinchers, corsets, cone bras, and other undergarments meant to tuck and nip every little flaw. Now, let's be reasonable. Most of us simply don't find practicality in these things anymore. With fashion being more comfort-oriented these days, the vintage clothing can be constricting, matronly, gaudy, and really hard to shop for. So, I am offering a few tips to help make it easier!

1. A good seamstress is everything! Take the time to find yourself a trustworthy seamstress. Most vintage clothes can be altered to fit well, but it is essential that you find someone who has experience with vintage fabric and clothing, and can help you get the most out of your purchases. Often, a simple hem, shortening of sleeves, or widening of a neckline is all you need to modernize and freshen up a vintage frock. Which brings me to my next tip...

2. Use your imagination! Sometimes, vintage shopping requires you to think outside the box. Long, bulky dresses can be shortened, necklines can be altered, stains can be removed, buttons can be replaced, and rips in seams can be repaired. Re-styling is also an option for the more matronly, outdated vintage pieces. Again, a good seamstress can help in this department. If you love the fabric or pattern on a piece that is unwearable, it can be re-used to make something new, like a headband, a belt, jewelry...there are lots of possibilities!

3. Know your measurements! Vintage clothing sizes don't run the way modern sizes do. In fact, just ignore the sizes on the tags. Often, they don't reflect current sizing standards. It's essential to know your measurements (bust, waist, and hip), and to carry a tape measure with you when going shopping (this works great at estate sales, where there is no dressing room). This way, you can measure the garment, and know whether or not it will likely fit, saving you time in the dressing room. You can allow a little leeway for the more stretchy fabrics.

4. Bring a Good Friend! This is one of my favorite tips. Shopping with an extra set of eyes can be both useful and fun. You can give each other honest opinions on the fit and look of a garment, and advise each other on those super-hard decisions. Having a gal (or guy) pal with you that knows your style and dress habits can increase your chances of walking away with some great pieces, as well as walking away from a potentially unwise purchase!

So, what are your tips? Please share!

photo above taken by Rachael Laine 


I'm spinning for joy cause it's Friday!

It's been a long productive week, but I am ready for the weekend. Since it has been a bit of a nutty week, I am looking forward to the Big Folkin Fest tomorrow, spending some time outdoors and catching up on a few of my fave blogs, old and new.

If you are into clickin' around on the web this weekend, may I suggest a few of my new TXSC friends?
Cardigan Junkie
Triple Max Tons/ (and be totally jealous of her weekend)
Cactus Collective
Those Tricks
Dress with Courage
Greetings from Texas
The Bolder The Better
Uncharted Style

 Happy Weekend!

Dance Party Friday- Janelle Monae

DANCE BREAK! I am seriously obsessed with this album as of late, thanks to my friend Sergio. And seriously? Her hair!! Reminds me of Rocquelle's when she piles it all up on her head in a 40's style bouffant. Jam with me to Janelle Monae and get through the rest of the day.


When in doubt, steal your fiancé's shirt

Last week, I wanted a little button-up action. Unfortunately the last time I bought a button up was in college. Let's just say the one I have is very old and very small. So until I get a new one I dug into Ben's closet and took his blue checkered shirt. Of course I wanted to girly it up, so I paired it with my Loft belt, InPink Aztec necklace, Nine West wedges and red lips. I've got my eye on this Lands end canvas button up in chartreuse so I won't have to steal B's anymore.


Mod Monday- Zou Bisou Bisou

Let's be honest... you have been singing this song ALLLLL day. And if you are like Ben, you found the original Zou Bisou Bisou, the Sophia Loren version and the Huffington Post announcing custom vinyls of Jessica Pare's version.
And since the storyline didn't seem to move very much, I focused on the fashion. I felt like they were just reintroducing all the character's back to us. It has been a long time, I'm sure we needed a refresher, I'll give them that. My favorite dress of the night was the short black number that Megan was wearing... very Trina Turk-ish, no?

I Loved Janie Bryant's recap of the fashions from the episode. And despite my love of that black dress above, I normally am drawn to the 60's colors... and this episode has it FOR SURE.

photos from AMC and Huffington Post


Dance Party Friday- dedicated to my MOM!!

Because I know my Mom loves this song soooooooooo much. And frankly my brothers and I do too... :)

The flowers are in bloom and so is Emily Hallman's Spring Collection!!!

 I had the absolute pleasure a couple weekends ago to meet the lovely Emily. She is the creator, designer, seamstress and model of the clothing line Emily Hallman.  Emily let Hilary and I into her studio (as documented here by Hilary) before TxSc, to see how she works. AND she gave us a sneak peek at her Spring collection which is launching TODAY!!
from our field trip to Emily's studio
I loved Emily from the very second I met her. Not only a NC native like myself, she suggested Vietnamese Pho for lunch. And we all know the way straight to a girl's heart is food (well at least mine).  But she really won me over when she started showing us the clothes that she designs and makes herself. I mean, serious attention to detail here people. Her clothes are ladylike, fun, retro with a modern twist and customizable to fit whoever is wearing them. Check, Check, Check!
this is from her holiday collection, but it was too awesome to not mention.
Have I sold you yet? Well if not... check out her entire line HERE.
My most favorite skirts of them all... the Rose Skirt... was posted on her FB page a couple days ago. Don't forget to LIKE her while you are there.


Mod Thursday? Duh, it's Mad Men Mania around here

Yes, I realize I should be throwing back a martini as I catch myself up and get excited for the Mad Men premiere this Sunday. But come on, it's Thursday and I didn't have a bad day. So, as i sip my wine I have a few things digital and wait for it.... analog , for ya to get excited about the premiere on Sunday too. Newsweek had a pretty bad ass throwback edition this week. Ben picked one up at lunch today... you should too.
 This gallery of clothing from Mad Men Costume designer Janie Bryant. Amazing insight and a few sneak peeks for the season.

If you are in Dallas you can join us and a few mod friends at the Dallas Smoke 60's Mod Night tomorrow (Friday the 23rd). And dress as your fave character... just get ready to dance. That is what it's all about. but definitely friend their Facebook page even if you can't go.

And if you are really bored... you can play this interactive Mad Men game on YouTube... not gonna lie, it is fun.
We'll meet back here for a Mod Monday rehash of the premiere. ok?
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